https://bilimbasina.wordpress.com/ – the page is in Turkish –

What is it like to be a scientist and researcher? What are the things a researcher is interested in, reads, studies? Does s/he lives in the lab all the time or does s/he have a social life? What is learning good for? Do new cells form in our brains? Can we be smarter? Do I experience learned helplessness? For these and many more subjects and questions, Ayça visits schools, gives a seminar, and then chats with students. She can be in your school too!

http://bilimbasina.blogspot.com/ – the page is in Turkish –

In this page, there are Turkish translations of some popular science news.

http://evobioinfo.blogspot.com/ – the page is in Turkish –

In this page, Bihter writes about evolutionary bioinformatics.